Gibson Wilbanks

When Carly Gibson and BJ Wilbanks first began collaborating musically during the gibson-wilbankssummer of 2011, it was like milk chocolate meeting peanut butter…a beautiful and tasty combination! Up to that point, they had each been pursuing separate solo singer/songwriter careers. Joining forces as Gibson Wilbanks (often performing with bass and drums behind them), they have combined their considerable songwriting and musical skills to create the unique and popular Southern bluesy sound that helped them to win the coveted songwriter’s open mic at Eddie’s Attic in December of 2011.

In 2013 close friend and harmonica genius Brad Bauman joined the ranks of Gibson Wilbanks, rounding out the sound with his tasty, soulful blues licks. Think Gregg Allman meets Bonnie Raitt meets Michael Hedges meets Norton Buffalo with a dash of Al Green–in short, an entertaining and joyful experience not to be missed!

“BJ Wilbanks and Carly Gibson make some beautiful magic when they write and perform together as Gibson Wilbanks. They have as Southern bluesy soulful sound that ranges from heart achingly gorgeous to shake-your-booty Americana rock-n-roll. Learn more about them at, and carlygibson.NET.”


Opened for: Michael Tolcher, Jack Williams, Donna Hopkins, Caroline Aiken, Diane Durrett, Grayson Capps and the Lost Cause Minstrels, Copious Jones, and Ralph Roddenbery
Festivals performed at: Hemlock Fest, Tallulah Fest, Decatur Green Fest, T-Dawg’s Back Porch Hootenanny, Springfest (as special guests of the Donna Hopkins Band in 2012), WideSpread Camping
Venues performed at: Vinyl – Center Stage, Red Clay Theatre, The Crimson Moon, Ragamuffin Music Hall, Smith’s Olde Bar, Eddie’s Attic, Grant Street Music Room, Wayfarer Music Hall, Music On Main Street, Athens Holiday House, Firefly, Hungry Ear Coffee House, Roux On Canton, Red Light Cafe, WREK Atlanta 9.1 FM, Common Grounds Coffee House, Moonshadow Tavern, Steve’s Live Music, Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre, The Melting Point, Matilda’s Music Under the Pines
Awards: Won Eddie’s Attic Songwriter’s Open Mic competition on December 19, 2011

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