Jason Kenney

Most of Jason Kenney’s life has been spent nestled in the beautiful mountains and community of Dahlonega, GA. He started playing guitar when he was 14 to impress a girl. The girl didn’t work out, but he stuck with the music and it has served him well.

Formerly of HomeGrown Revival and The Kenney-Blackmon String Band, Jason is a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin, banjo) and songwriter. Since 2003, he has released four full-length albums and collaborated on many others, including Corey Smith’s “In The Mood” and “The Good Life.”

Jason has shared the stage with many talented artists including Jonathan Byrd, Corey Smith, Zac Brown, Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Col. Bruce Hampton, Donna the Buffalo, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, John Keane, Larry Keel, Ike Stubblefield, Kevin Kinney, Darrell Scott, Jeff Mosier, and The Atlanta Ballet.

Jason Kenney’s new record, “Turn This Sorrow Into Joy,” released April 15th, 2014. Produced and recorded by Grammy nominee John Keane, the album features an all-star line-up of musicians including: Amy Ray, Leah Calvert, John Keane, Rob Henson, Chris Enghauser, Jamie Hood, and Graham Terry (Tornado Riders).

“Make no mistake, ‘Turn This Sorrow Into Joy,’ by Jason Kenney, is a Folk record. Though listeners will be tempted to relate it to Mumford and Sons or Avett Brothers photo-6because of its personal storytelling and genre defying instrumentation, it is a much truer representation of an American Folk record. It deserves comparison with Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie in its call to the downhearted and weary to carry on, together.

Songs like ‘Come All Ye Tenderhearted’ sweep the listener into the movement and remind us of the power of a song to change the world – or to simply brighten a day. Using simple melodies and complex textures ‘Turn This Sorrow Into Joy’ demonstrates great respect for the history of American Folk music with ample modern flare. Seeger lead a never ending sing along and before you even know all the words, you’ll be singing along with Jason.” — Scott Mecredy, Music On Main Street


For more information, visit www.jasonkenneymusic.com.