Lisa Jacobi & PLANET

Lisa Jacobi always brings together a fascinating mix of professional musical artists for LOXJPLANET. The musicians are from other bands and again this year are coming at HemlockFest to bring sounds that are signature to their particular lane. With music that echoes eternal tones, the musicians of PLANET perform original songs and covers infused with inspiration distilled from tours through North America’s mountainous Appalachia & urban city streetscapes, as well as from time spent wandering through east Africa, the north Atlantic’s Celtic regions, and small villages in eastern Europe.  Be ready for an intelligent and mysterious sonic journey through music.


pedal steel & vocals  – Bill Fleming
electric guitar & mandolin & vocals  – Howard Williams
electric violin and electric acoustic guitar & vocals – Lisa Jacobi
electric banjo – JRod Payne
electric guitar & vocals  – Jedd Dotson
drums – Jason Chumley
world percussion – James Sargous
flute – Kathie Holmes
stepping in on two songs for harmony vocal shared mic – Jess Chumley