The Pussywillows

rly Gibson and Zale have joined forces, and they are already leaving their mark on the Georgia music scene as Indie Rock/Americana super-group, THE PUSSYWILLOWS (TPW). Individually, these women are exceptionally strong performers and songwriters; together, they are positively formidable. The Pussywillows, in short, are: sweet and savory; sultry and fresh; pure.

The Pussywillows are perfect harmony in motion. Balance is their greatest quality; they PussyWillowsweave in and out of each other’s melodies seamlessly. Many moments throughout their set listeners cannot tell who is singing which line, creating an almost subconscious, fascinating game. Their music is beautiful yet haunting, soft at times but always taking the listener back to a hard beating pulse surrounded by nasty electric guitar. The best friends push and pull each other and their audiences through intricately constructed sonic spaces showcasing carefully cultivated lyrics that both evoke and provoke listeners into a daydream in which you can simultaneously catch cotton candy by sticking out your tongue and stomp proudly through alligator infested swamps with high-heeled leather boots on. Sass and class, and a little something special are what this duet processes. Although not sisters by blood, the young women’s connection and voices suggest otherwise. TPW are recording their debut EP in August 2015 at Retro Sound Studio in Duluth, GA. The project will be co-produced by Patrick Taylor and Ian Guthrie. For music, shows, and more visit

Twitter: @thepwillows

Instagram: @thepwillows