Camping Information

Camping for the entire festival is included with the three day of venue  Due to the size and scope of the event we are unable to offer 1 or 2 day camping passes. We ask that you follow the directions to the camping area and please keep your areas clean.

HemlockFest provides for PRIMITIVE TENT CAMPING ONLY. This means there are no water, electric or sewer hookups for your campsite, and no vehicles are allowed to remain. 

Please carefully review the following information so you can plan for an awesome camping experience with us!

Vehicles & Gear: NO VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED TO REMAIN IN THE CAMPGROUND. Plan to transport gear without vehicle assistance for at least a short distance. A wheelbarrow or garden cart is a great thing to have! One designated campground access road may be used to drop off camping gear. This is the first road on the right past the ticket gate. You must drop gear along the main roads or at the tent at the top of hill. You may not drive vehicles on the wide paths that criss-cross the campground. Grab a numbered flag from the ticket booth when you arrive, and then scout your camp destination. Mark your site with the flag and either carry your gear or ask for assistance from the Peace Patrol to get your belongings to your chosen spot. Once gear is dropped off, your vehicle MUST BE REMOVED TO THE DESIGNATED PARKING AREAS. No car camping is allowed in the campground area. This helps keep our festival safe and the atmosphere more pleasant :-) .

RVs and Campers: HemlockFest doesn’t offer RV or car camping at the festival grounds, and parking is very limited in our parking areas (which are a short 1/4 mile walk to the festival grounds or a quick shuttle ride.) Small campers (like mini-buses, truck-campers) may park in the main entrance parking lots, but they will be limited to one parking space. If your camper can’t fit in a regular car-sized parking space, consider not bringing it. If you do, you’ll need to make arrangements when you arrive with the parking volunteers for the best place to park, which could possibly be down the road a bit–though we will do our best to accommodate you depending on space available. Arrive early for the best parking spots—first come, first served (festival begins at 2:00 Friday). And of course, there are no hook-ups for electric or water. The lower parking area (adjacent to the ticket tent) is only for permitted organizers and vendors who have advance permission.

 Camping Location: This is a festival and you can expect the tents to get closer together as the venue fills. Most of the camping area is wooded. Little Stonehenge is an open terraced area at the top of the hill where evening activities may take place around a group fire. The closer to this area you are, the more noise you may be subjected to after the mainstage music ends around midnight. No drumming is allowed after hours due to good neighbor policies, but other acoustic instruments are welcomed and encouraged. Down the hill and across the dam on the other side of the lake will be the quietest area to camp, but you will need to carry your gear a greater distance, so plan accordingly.

 Check-out Time: Campers must be out by sundown on Sunday unless prior arrangements have been made with festival organizers.

 Fires & Firewood: Campfires are only allowed in already formed campfire pit areas. Please make sure they are clear of leaves and made safe to prevent accidental spreading (a ring of rocks with surrounding area cleared of leaves, debris). Please do not burn trash in fires. Firewood is available for purchase for $5/wheelbarrow load, and dead and down wood may be collected from the festival grounds. Purchase firewood at the top of the hill above Little Stonehenge from Peace Patrol, or near the showers by the main field from the folks at the Volunteer Tent. A few wheelbarrows will be provided for transporting wood. Please return these to the wood pile as soon as you are done so they are immediately available to the next person. NEVER LEAVE YOUR CAMPFIRE UNATTENDED. It is very important that you put your fire out completely (should be cool to the touch) when not attended, and especially when leaving the venue to return home. You may find a milk jug with water in it near campfire areas to use for this purpose. Please use water to make sure the fire is out!

Peace Patrol: Peace Patrol provides for safety and security at the event. They have two camps – one is uphill and to the right above Vendor Village, and the other is above Little Stonehenge. Check out your map or walk by and say hello—it’s good to know where these folks are located in case you need them.

Trash: This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. Please dispose of all trash properly at the venue (we recycle what we can), or better yet take it with you when you leave… But please DO NOT LEAVE ANY TRASH AT YOUR CAMPSITE or in your fire pit!

Consideration of Neighbors: Please do not bring noise producing electronics such as radios. If we hear them we will ask you to remove the batteries. Acoustic music is greatJ Please be courteous of your neighbors and get to know your camping community! No drums are allowed after midnight (you may as well call the Sheriff on us yourself if you plan to play the drums late into the night).

Dogs: ALL DOGS MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES. Please don’t let your dog pee on other people’s tents or in their spaces. Please be sure to pick up after your dogs and dispose of their waste in designated locations only. Stations are provided with bags and disposal cans.

Showers, Sinks, Water: We have two showers near the main field that you are welcome to use. Please consider hot water a commodity to be shared as far as possible. A sink is near the shower area. It is NOT for food solids if washing dishes. It is a simple hose connected to a portable sink station. The water is potable (drinkable).

Respect: This whole festival is about respecting the land and each other. Please do your part to continue this awesome tradition!