Dog Policy



Pet policy and agreement:

Hemlockfest welcomes pets accompanied by responsible owners.

All pets must be registered with this signed agreement prior to entry to the festival grounds.

By signing this form you agree that:

ALL PETS WILL BE LEASHED (& supervised) AT ALL TIMES~ any pet found not on a leash may be escorted to ‘puppy prison’ & owner will be fined $10.


Note: Thai (a highly trained pit bull) is an ‘exhibit dog’ and is the only exception to this rule.

Pet waste needs to be cleaned up by pet owner and disposed of in the waste containers provided.

Pet owners please CURB YOUR PETS. Owners need to control where their pets urinate and defecate – avoid pathways, tents and areas of foot traffic. 

 Pet owners are responsible for any damage their pet may cause.

Name of Pet Owner __________________________________

Phone (cell): _______________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________State: __________ Zip:______________________
Pet: Species: ____________________ Breed: ____________________

Color: _____________________
Pet’s Name: ________________________________________________Age:___________________________

Male              Female                        Neutered/Spayed          Yes                 No                (Circle One)

I certify that my dog is current on all state-required vaccinations  _______ (initials)

I am aware that during the course of my visit to the festival, certain inherent risks are involved, including but not limited to negligence on my part or another person’s part. In consideration of this, I hereby declare that this pet has NOT been deemed to be a dangerous or potentially dangerous animal and agree that neither Hemlockfest, it’s owners, agents, assignees or employees shall be liable to the undersigned, or those claiming through or under the undersigned, for injury, death, personal loss or property damage suffered or caused by my own negligence, or the negligence of someone else.       If a bite, scratch or other injury or damage should occur, I agree to (1.) report it immediately to Lumpkin Coalition staff or to the ‘Peace Patrol’  and (2.) hold my pet available until I have received instructions from the local authorities regarding the required procedure.

I have read this policy and agreement. I understand and agree to compliance for my pet and myself. I also certify that the information I have given is correct and current.


Signature of pet owner______________________________________     Date_______________

Downloadable copy of agreement: Pet policy and agreement