A Big List of Information

IMPORTANT! Fireworks are now legal in Georgia. THEY ARE NOT LEGAL AT HEMLOCK FEST. People in possession of fireworks will be removed from the venue with no refunds given. We intend to keep this a safe, family friendly event. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Two and a half days of fun – There will be about 19 bands and entertainers providing fact sheet banneralmost 30 hours of great music, plus food and beverage, natural crafts vendors, interactive presentations and exhibits, and lots of activities (including a Kid’s Nature Village).

Environmentally friendly gathering — Please take care of the venue (yes, because we would like to continue using it, but most of all because it is what we should all be doing on a regular basis anyway.)

Litter Free Event: HemlockFest is a litter free event. We have recycling stations throughout the venue as well as plenty of trash receptacles. We rely on our intrepid volunteers to empty them every day…so please help us by placing your trash where it belongs and keep the grounds as beautiful as when we got there.  No glass please. We’re asking folks not to bring glass bottles or other glass items to the festival this year. Instead, bring plastic, metal, or other non-breakable containers. Glass can cause injury and the recycle process is very laborious and with risk.  Also, no Styrofoam coolers or cups please. Other coolers are cool.

Firewood  policy: It is November in Georgia and a campfire is needed. We will have firewood available for a small donation. We do this to raise money to save the Hemlocks, so please support the cause and leave your donation when getting firewood for your campsite. We request donations for each wheelbarrow load. Please. Campfires are allowed in designated fire rings only, but there are plenty among the camping areas. Please — no lighter fluid and/or gasoline fire-starting.

New power source. This year we again have Treesound Studios, which will run the sound systems on biodiesel and wind power.

Water, soda, and food (in all price ranges) will be available for purchase. We will also have water dispensers for filling up your reusable containers (SS water bottles will be available for purchase if you forget yours – $10).

Beer and wine will be available for purchase with proper ID. Beer vendors will be Terrapin Brewery and newcomer Cherry Street Brewing.

Festival koozies and beverage containers will be available for purchase, and we encourage their use. They cut down on breakage, feel better in hand, and look better over all.

Festival shirts (short and long sleeve and sweat shirts), cloth tote bags, travel mugs, beer mugs, beer glasses, wine glasses, water bottles, frisbees, stickers, Cds, and other festival merchandise will be available for purchase. Please bring money to buy them. Stay tuned for announcements of new souvenir items too.

Fishing poles and rods are allowed.

Dogs are allowed if they are people-friendly and kept on leash. Problematic pets may be asked to leave. Please be considerate in regards to waste issues (aka poop); pick-up bags will be available, and owners are requested to pick up after their pets. See the Dog policy page for the form and more information.

It’s Dark out there — Bring a flashlight, headlamp, or lantern (maybe extra batteries too) if staying past dark. Most festival lighting is by tikki torch, fire, and the moon.
Could be cold – Bring plenty of warm clothing/blankets.

Could rain – Bring rain gear.

Chairs/other seating – Welcome to bring along chairs, blankets, etc. to sit on.

Primitive Camping – You must be able to carry your stuff for a distance and not be reliant on a vehicle. A shuttle will get you the quarter mile or so from the parking area to the venue, but from there to your camp site you’re on your own. Parking is free. Some allowance for drive-in and drop-off is made. But all vehicles must be moved from camping area to parking area after gear is dropped off.

Port-a-johns and hand wash stations are provided at restroom service centers. Only two (heated) showers are available for use.

Pack it in, pack it out – Please be prepared to leave with what you brought.

Kid’s Nature Village is not a babysitting service. It is a place for children to participate in fun and educational activities with their parents or guardians.

Archery and knife throwing – Please do not try to participate in these if you have been drinking beyond a safe level for such an activity. We do not want you to endanger yourselves or others. If you have a favorite thrower, be sure and bring it along!

Please – no electronic/battery powered equipment that would take away from others’ experience (ex: radios).

Be smart and behave responsibly so we can all have fun.

Safety personnel (security: aka, ‘Peace Patrol’, and first aid) will be on hand.

After-hours acoustic jam – This is a time for primarily non-percussion music. Bring your guitars and other stringed instruments and have some fun. Starts around 12:30 a.m. after the last act Friday and Saturday nights. This will take place around a large bon fire at Little Stonehenge, a semi-natural amphitheater on the property.

Good music, Good food, Good purpose, Good people, Good times.
Let’s have some fun!!